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via Savona, 108
20144 Milano

WANTStudio was founded in 2016 by Michela Alquati, an Italian designer specialized in temporary spaces for Fashion, Tv, Culture and brands.
Studying industrial design at Politecnico of Milan, Michela’s vision is alway interested in capturing the values of contemporaneity before putting it inside the projects.   
The studios architecturally inspired practice explores a spectrum of spatial disciplines realised in projects from the smallest of still life shoots to large scale catwalks, permanent retail spaces and most recently furniture design. 

We create concepts, spaces and unique events.

Art direction
Creative Management
3D Simulations
Interior Design
Props Making
Product Placement
Production Logistic
Set Design
Set Building
Supplier management
Visual Merchandising
Window display

What I want you to know /A Milan based multi-platform creative studio ︎ The studio feeds creative projects / The vision is defined by a tailor-made approach, providing assets ranging from events productions to the design of temporary spaces / Exclusive collections in limited series / Also producing visual and styling / The creative world we want.

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