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Concept and Direction Marlon Rueberg
Set design Wantstudio

Fashion film

Digital content

Gucci#24hour ace. The Gucci digital project, entitled "24 Hour Ace", entrusts to various artists from all over the world the reinterpretation of the decorated low sneaker. The result is a series of colorful and dynamic videos in which the sneaker comes to life.

Cinematography / Lorenzo Gironi
Production & Casting / Sofia Panato
Cast / Oliviero Bifulco, Isabella Thoha, Roberta Pegoraro, Graziano Filippini, Bollywood Dancer Group I by Maya Dev, Maharani Indian Dance Group, Bollywood Dancer Group I, Anisha Dance Group, Scuola Marina Nour Grading CHIMNEY Berlin
Colorist / Florian Stärk
Head of post production / Oona Eberle
Post producer / Florian Zizmann
Editing / Marlon Rueberg
Sound / Fenster


Art Direction
Creative Management
3D Simulations
Interior design
Props making
Product placement
Set design
Shooting production
Props making
Augmented reality
Window display

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