Storytelling. Gucci #24 hour ace
Making the fashion film for the digital Gucci mediaproject.

Set design and props styling Michela Alquati
Concept & Direction Marlon Rueberg
Cinematography Lorenzo Gironi
Production & Casting Sofia Panato Cast Oliviero Bifulco, Isabella Thoha,
Roberta Pegoraro, Graziano Filippini
Bollywood Dancer Group I by Maya Devi
Maharani Indian Dance Group
Bollywood Dancer Group II
Anisha Dance Group / Scuola Marina Nour
Grading CHIMNEY Berlin
Colorist Florian Stärk,
Head of post production Oona Eberle
Post producer Florian Zizmann
Editing Marlon Rueberg
Sound by Fenster

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Gucci - #24 Hour Ace