When modernism meets colors and geometry.

Hand tufted rugs.

A collection for Carpet Edition
Design / Alquati+Corso 
Photographer / Omar Sartor

The Roquebrune rug collection is a collection of 5 models based on a classic design of carpets. Shape, color and geometry are however completely reinterpreted.
The Roquebrune collection was created with our TAILOR MADE project. Carpets are produced in Europe by manual tufting. This technique uses a gun that weaves the yarn directly on a support where is drawn the carpet motif. At the end of the work, a cotton cloth is applied to the back using a latex layer. While remaining artisanal, these items are highly innovative because of their customization in design, shape (round or irregular), size, material (wool, tencel, linen...), colors, pile height and processing technique. Playing with these possibilities, you can give relief and movement to the surface of the carpet.

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